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What Is Global
Assamese Entrepreneurship Forum ?

GAEF provides guidance mentoring and a networking platform to Assamese entrepreneurs around the world.

It is a free platform, abundant with free resources for you to benefit from. Unlike others, GAEF will never ask you for any money. All we want if for you to succeed and later share your experiences to help others in the way.

What you can expect?

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What can GAEF do for you?

Targeted Q&As And Networking

Enhance your practical business related knowledge and increase your networking around the world from within the different parts of India to the Middle East, to Europe and the USA.

Mentorships And Menteeships

With our committed, skilled and experienced Mentors, gain the best insight into your business ventures and self development. Our Mentors have overcome the obstacles on their path to success and are keen to share their stories of success and failures, to help you achieve your own dreams.

Gaining Knowledge

From preparing business plans to sales pitches, from learning business terms and gaining practical knowledge from the best subject matter experts and successful entrepreneurs from around the world.


Next Webinar on 30th October 2022


Youth Entrepreneurship in Assam webinar “You should get a government job”. That’s what everyone used to say. At least not so anymore. Being a businessman, an entrepreneur has become much more acceptable in our society. Yet, there is still the need for a shift in the mindset of the Assamese people from being job holders to job creators. Yes, indeed entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster and it is a 24×7 responsibility but then, you are your own boss and you own every bit of your success. What can be better than that? To know two people who did take this leap of faith, tasting success at an young age, who became an inspiration for many budding entrepreneurs, let’s meet and talk with Karishma Kakoti and Akash Jyoti Gogoi. Let’s walk with them in their journey to know about the supports and challenges of being an entrepreneur in Assam. Join us in the GAEF webinar on 30th October 9:00 pm IST via this zoom link. Below is the zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83695909776?pwd=QWNiMWVvb0lIU2Fmb0FVTDFSMmJtdz09

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