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Welcome to GAEF

GAEF is a volunteer, non-profit organisation established for the benefit of the Entrepreneurs from Assam. It is a platform to showcase the successes of the Assamese community, both within India and abroad. With the primary focus on Social entrepreneurship, Youth entrepreneurship and Women entrepreneurship, GAEF organises mentoring, guidance and networking for all deserving entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses.


To foster non-profit community-based networking, mentoring and advocacy through youth, women and social entrepreneurship, for the global Assamese community.

Why us

Why Global Assamese Entrepreneurship Forum?

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely pursuit. Sure, you might have employees or spend your days surrounded by other customers at the coffee shops you work out of, but when it comes down to your business’s ultimate success or failure, you’re on your own. With GAEF’s vision to grow together hand in hand and specific to the Global Assamese community, we are here to help you. There are benefits to joining GAEF.

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Targeted Q&As and networking

You can clear your doubts with our networks

Mentorships and menteeships

With our largest networks, you can connect with the right mentors according to your sectors

Gaining knowledge

The more you learn, the more you grow. Our platform will provide practical knowledge on various useful topics

Meet Our Team

Sid Sid Chowdhury
Sid Chowdhary


Partha Gogoi


Krishna Hazarika


Anjana Bordoloi

General Secretary, USA

Tara Bhuyan
Tara Bhuyan

General Secretary Canada


Shantanu Borah

Dr. Bhaskar Bora

Shashanka Hazarika